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Perth Silver

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Tea Spoon
Tea Spoon - view 1Tea Spoon - view 2
Tea Spoon Ref: HAN2938

A rare fiddle pattern tea spoon by James Stobbie of Perth c.1821. The marks are exceptional as can be seen in the picture. The spoon is in great condition with only slight bruising to the bowl.

Length: 14cms; Weight: 1oz

Price: 110.00 / US $156.20

Toddy LadleToddy Ladle Ref: HAN2232

A fiddle and shell pattern toddy ladle by Daniel McLean of Perth c.1821. It is in excellent condition with crisp makers marks.

Weight: 1oz; Size: 16 cms
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Price: 245.00 / US $347.90

Toddy Ladle
Toddy Ladle - view 1Toddy Ladle - view 2Marks
Toddy Ladle Ref: HAN3699

A scarce fiddle pattern toddy ladle by David Greig of Perth c.1810. It is in excellent condition with crisp well struck marks.

Weight: 80gms; Length: 17cms

Price: 375.00 / US $532.50


Showcase |  Perth Silver

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